Today’s Top Stories: February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Mark your calendars! March 3 is the big day. It’s “Super Tuesday” and you can bet a whole lot of media coverage will be taking place up to and through the first Tuesday in March.

Michael Bloomberg just finished a 2-day, 7 event, 3 state jaunt in preparation for it, as he wasn’t even on ballots in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Others are barnstorming the Super Tuesday states.

The honey moon is over between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. Apparently, the two have been squabbling over “Iran, Huawei, and a rejected request by the prime minister to extradite the wife of a US diplomat.”

It all culminated in Trump slamming down the phone during their last phone call.

Now, Johnson canceled his planned trip to the US next month to visit the White House.


Your word of the day: Infodemic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging tech companies to take tougher action to battle fake news on the coronavirus.

The push comes as a representative from the WHO traveled to Silicon Valley to speak directly to tech firms about the spread of false information.

The WHO has labelled the spread of fake news on the outbreak an “infodemic”.


Florida Man!

Florida man arrested after taking upskirt photo of teen waiting in line at Chipotle

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