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Today’s Top Stories: February 11, 2020

  • Coronavirus update: 108 deaths yesterday in China, a record.
    • 1,016 are now confirmed dead.
    • 42,638 cases in China.
    • Basically a good-size small town or city in the US.
  • New Hampshire primary is today.
    • Who’s in? Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, Warren, and a few others who have a snowball’s chance in Hell.
    • Who’s out? Bloomberg. But I hear there’s a strong write-in campaign for him.
  • A new Quinnipiac poll came out yesterday. All running Democrats beat Trump.
    • Bloomberg leads 51-42.
    • Sanders 51-43.
    • Biden 50-43.
    • Klobuchar 49-43.
    • Warren 48-44.
    • Buttigieg 47-43.
  • A plane made an emergency landing when a drunk passenger started eating his cell phone. He also threatened to kill a passenger when she ignored his sexual advances. Who ever said the phrase, “Fly the friendly skies” was dead?

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