Rudy Giuliani: I Am Not a Crook

Posted on May 18, 2021

“I am being treated like the head of a drug cartel”

Who said it? Why, Rudy Colludy (and team) said it.

Lawyers for Rudy Giuliani slammed prosecutors on Monday for secretly obtaining electronic access to the former New York City mayor’s accounts—likening the operation that resulted in the April 28 FBI raid of his home and office to that of a drug cartel takedown.

“Unfortunately for Giuliani, and even more unfortunately for the attorney-client privilege and executive deliberation privilege, and the public’s perception that those privileges are real, the SDNY simply chose to treat a distinguished lawyer as if he was the head of a drug cartel or a terrorist, in order to create maximum prejudicial coverage of both Giuliani, and his most well-known client—the former President of the United States,” the letter filed Monday on behalf of Giuliani states.

Daily Beast

Rudy also claimed that his “trial by combat” quote didn't mean what you think. He says he didn't “literally call for an insurrection,” when in fact that is literally what he did.

Lawyers for Rudy Giuliani — who exhorted Trump supporters in Washington on the day of the Capitol riot to “have trial by combat” — are now arguing that he wasn't literally advocating for an insurrection over the 2020 election results.

The assertion comes in Giuliani's response to a lawsuit filed by Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell seeking to hold Giuliani, former President Donald Trump and others accountable for inciting the violent siege on January 6 at the US Capitol.

In a court filing Monday, Giuliani wrote that his words to Trump supporters were “hyperbolic.” The former New York City mayor also said in his court filing that the core of the insurrection was orchestrated by pro-Trump extremist groups to whom he had no connection.

“Plaintiff (Swalwell) would have the Court believe that what the FBI has been unable to do — tie Defendants to a vast conspiracy to mastermind the attack on the Capitol — Plaintiff will accomplish through this litigation. This is simply too far-fetched and outlandish to pass the plausibility standard of the law,” Giuliani's court argument said.


This gaslighting bullshit Trump has perfected has got to stop. The problem is, most Trumpists believe this bullshit.

Convicted man kills himself in federal court after verdict

A man died by suicide inside a federal courtroom in North Dakota after he was found guilty, officials say.

A U.S. Marshal told KVRR the man was on trial at the Fargo courthouse and the jury had returned a guilty verdict when he “produced an edge weapon and cut his throat” in front of the judge, courtroom staff and others. The jury had already left the room, the news outlet reported.

Security officers and deputy marshals tried to save the man’s life in the courtroom but he died of his injuries, The Associated Press reported. The type of instrument the man used and how it entered the courtroom remained unclear Monday evening.

Holy shit!

Navy pilot injured in midair collision over Texas

A Navy pilot was injured Monday after two jets collided Monday in midflight while on a training mission in South Texas.

The crash of the two T-45 Goshawk training aircraft happened about 11 a.m. in the skies over Ricardo, Texas, about 50 miles southwest of Corpus Christi, Navy officials said.

One of the jets managed to land safely at Naval Air Station Kingsville while the instructor and student pilot in the second were forced to inject (sic) eject. One of the pilots was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, Navy officials said.

Washington Times

That'll ruin your day.

Supreme Court to review Mississippi abortion law that advocates see as a path to diminish Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will review a restrictive Mississippi law that provides a clear path to diminish Roe v. Wade’s guaranteeof a woman’s right to choose an abortion.

Abortion opponents for months have urged the court’s conservatives to seize the chance to reexamine the 1973 precedent. Mississippi is among many Republican-led states that have passed restrictions that conflict with the court’s precedents protecting abortion rights, hoping for a chance to get a case before a Supreme Court that they think is more amenable to their arguments.

In accepting the case for next term, the court said it would examine whether “all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional.” That has been a key component of the court’s jurisprudence, and the announcement sounded ominous to abortion rights advocates.

Washington Post

Remember, kiddies: Elections have consequences.

When Trump was elected, we knew he wanted to nullify Roe v. Wade. He put three justices on the Supreme Court who are ardent opponents of the 1973 ruling.

“Pro lifers” have been trying to tear the right to an abortion down ever since.

It's appalling that these judges want to politicize a woman's right to govern her own body.

But here we are. And I'm afraid it's about to be overturned.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to make over $5M from book deal

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was paid $3.12 million by Penguin Random House for his pandemic memoir, “American Crisis,” according to tax returns he released on Monday. And he’s due to be paid an additional $2 million by the publisher in the coming years.

The book, published last fall, sold about 50,000 copies before the governor found himself mired in controversy earlier this year. The publisher stopped promoting the book and opted to not publish a paperback version.


Pretty good ROI on something he probably spent a few months writing, at most.

Japanese doctors call for Olympics cancellation amid COVID-19 surge

The Tokyo 2020 Games start in 66 days, but a major Japanese doctors’ group is calling for the already delayed event to be canceled over fears that the country’s health-care system cannot accommodate the potential medical needs of thousands of international athletes, coaches and media amid a surge of coronavirus cases in the country.

“We strongly request that the authorities convince the [International Olympic Committee] that holding the Olympics is difficult and obtain its decision to cancel the Games,” said the Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association.

Tokyo hospitals “have their hands full and have almost no spare capacity,” the association of roughly 6,000 primary care physicians added. It is at least the second group of Japanese doctors to ask that the Olympics and Paralympics be canceled.


Here we go again. While it's unfortunate, I think they should postpone the Summer Olympics to a later date. It's just too risky.

What are your thoughts?

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