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  • Deeper job cuts at Boeing as pandemic throttles air travel
    Boeing said Wednesday that it will cut 7,000 more jobs as it continues to bleed money during a pandemic that has smothered demand for new airline planes. The company said that when retirements and other employee departures are included, its workforce will shrink to about 130,000 by the end of next year, or 30,000 fewer […]
  • Trump hails ‘manufacturing miracle’ as factories bleed jobs – POLITICO
    Four years after he won the Midwest by vowing to revitalize the U.S. manufacturing workforce, President Donald Trump is campaigning for reelection on a job well done. The numbers tell a different story. The president’s anti-trade agenda and a pandemic-induced recession have combined to shutter factories and accelerate trends toward automation. Source: Trump hails ‘manufacturing […]
  • Texas AG Ken Paxton’s office proceeds with business amid internal conflict | The Texas Tribune
    The sprawling agency, which employs some 4,000 people in more than 100 offices across Texas, has for months had to contend with the added challenges of the coronavirus, many staff members working from home and others deployed as legal backup to Gov. Greg Abbott in coronavirus-related lawsuits on everything from abortion rights to business closures. Communications director […]
  • Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits – DNyuz
    Trump’s own business history is filled with overseas financial deals, and some have involved the Chinese state. He spent a decade unsuccessfully pursuing projects in China, operating an office there during his first run for president and forging a partnership with a major government-controlled company.And it turns out that China is one of only three […]
  • Giuliani: Even if Hunter Laptop Story ‘Isn’t Accurate,’ Americans ‘Are Entitled to Know It’
    Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani argued on Tuesday that the American public deserved to see reports based off material from Hunter Biden’s laptop “even if it isn’t accurate.” Appearing on AM1100 The Flag, a North Dakota radio show, the former New York City mayor grumbled about social media companies initially restricting access to the Post […]



The Guardian

  • Iranian ambassador summoned to Foreign Office and told to end prisoner’s arbitrary detentionThe Iranian ambassador to the UK has been told his country’s plan to press fresh charges against the British-Iranian dual national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is “unjustified and unacceptable”.Zaghari-Ratcliffe, 42, was due to end her five-year imprisonment next spring. But the fresh charges throw that […]
  • Former party leader has whip removed over comments following publication of Equality and Human Rights Commission inquiryJeremy Corbyn suspended from Labour over EHRC commentsKeir Starmer: EHRC report is day of shame for LabourLabour responsible for harassment and discrimination, EHRC findsFormal complaints on Corbyn and other MPs sent to LabourKey findings of the EHRC inquiry 9.56pm […]
  • Unite leader calls action ‘grave injustice’, while Momentum says suspension is ‘attack on the left’Labour’s left has called for Jeremy Corbyn to be swiftly reinstated, with a group representing more than 30 MPs declaring it would “work tirelessly” in support of the former leader until his case is resolved.Following his suspension on Thursday over comments […]
  • Former party leader said problem of antisemitism within Labour was ‘dramatically overstated for political reasons’Labour was plunged into turmoil after the party suspended Keir Starmer’s predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, in the wake of a damning report into antisemitism that found the party responsible for unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination.The decision to suspend Corbyn for saying […]
  • As France and Germany impose tough measures and infections continue to rise, the UK appears gripped by paralysisThe decision not to implement a two- or three-week “circuit breaker” lockdown in October, using the school half-term to minimise the inevitable disruption, can now be added to a list of paths not taken by the UK government […]

CBS Politics

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The Hill

Five Thirty Eight

  • In this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew discusses the state of the race and which important stories the press hasn’t covered as much during the 2020 campaign.
  • With apologies to The Raconteurs, the presidential race continues to be “steady as she goes,” with little sign of tightening despite a plethora of new polls. FiveThirtyEight’s presidential forecast gives Joe Biden an 89 in 100 shot at winning the election, while President Trump has just an 11 in 100 chance. This makes Biden the […]
  • Only five days remain until Election Day, and Joe Biden currently has a 89 percent chance of winning, according to our forecast. In this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew discusses the state of the race and also considers which important stories have been under-covered by the press during the 2020 campaign. You […]
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene has not been shy about her support for QAnon — a conspiracy theory that alleges the existence of a widespread child sex trafficking ring run by a cabal of satanic and cannibalistic elites, whom only President Trump can stop. She has tweeted “#GreatAwakening” to Alex Jones, called Q “a patriot” and has […]
  • The Trump and Biden campaigns are both spending hundreds of millions of dollars nationally on broadcast TV advertisements. FiveThirtyEight elections analyst Nathaniel Rakich looks at which states are seeing the biggest ad buys.

Political Wire

  • Wall Street Journal: “Polling suggests that if the election were held today, it would show the largest gap on record for a presidential election–a 15-percentage-point divide.”
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Potentially thousands of mail ballots requested by Butler County voters appear to be lost… and the U.S. Postal Service has been asked to immediately investigate what happened to […]
  • From Quinnipiac University: FLORIDA: Biden 45%, Trump 42% IOWA: Trump 47%, Biden 46% OHIO: Biden 48%, Trump 43% PENNSYLVANIA: Biden 51%, Trump 44% From Monmouth University: FLORIDA: Biden 51%, Trump […]
  • Underscoring the true uncertainty in Trumpworld, Ashley Parker asked a Trump adviser for their gut sense on what will happen on Election Day. The response: “If you put a gun […]
  • A spokesman for UPS told the Daily Beast on Thursday that they had located a mysterious package that Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested had been deliberately misplaced or intercepted […]