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The Smoking Gun

  • Pair up mug shots with each suspect's alleged crime Examine the booking photos of five arrested individuals and align the defendants with their respective alleged infractions of the law. read more
  • Alabaman, 23, is arrested due to his role in D.C. insurrection Free on $103,000 bond following his arrest on felony narcotics charges, William Watson traveled to Washington, D.C. and breached the Capitol. Another MAGA Bust read more
  • "You can't play Led Zeppelin quietly," man said Faced with a 1:30 AM noise complaint from his neighbor, Nathan Rock espoused an essential truth (and airtight defense strategy). Led Zeppelin Report read more
  • Adam Johnson is behind bars in a county jail near his home in Parrish, Florida. read more
  • Arkansas man, 60, bragged of swiping letter Richard "Bigo" Barnett was arrested by FBI agents on criminal charges related to his role in the January 6 Capitol insurrection. Richard Barnett read more


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