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  • Cops: Florida Man arrested for attack on 68-year-old victim After being told that "he had to wear a mask or he could not ride," Christopher Vacha, 30, allegedly punched the elderly victim in the face, investigators charge. Uber Mask Attack read more
  • What, was he supposed to keep that information to himself? read more
  • Procedure was performed in "oilfield bunk house" Two men are facing felony charges for allegedly performing "unlicensed gender reassignment surgery" on a 28-year-old victim. Okie Surgeons read more
  • Pair up mug shots with each suspect's alleged crime Examine the booking photos of five arrested individuals and align the defendants with their respective alleged infractions of the law. read more
  • Bodycam footage shows comedian quizzing Georgia officers encountered Sacha Baron Cohen when they answered a "suspicious person” 911 call placed in late-January. Borat Report read more


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