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The Smoking Gun

  • Cops: Woman, 35, arrested for "vigorous" public performance Theresa Dunlavey was allegedly engaged in an intense solo pleasure session behind a statue of Jose Marti, the Cuban independence leader. Key West Vigor read more
  • Pair up suspects with what they allegedly stole Examine the booking photos of five arrested individuals and align the accused with the items they were busted for pilfering. read more
  • Duo propped up dead man in car, withdrew his money With the deceased 80-year-old man in the front seat, Karen Casbohm, 63, and Loreen Bea Feralo, 56, stole his money at a U.S. Bank drive-thru window. "Weekday" Plea read more
  • Meet Matthew Pancake. Yes, Matthew Pancake. read more
  • Performer claimed it was his first time "prostituting" Prosecutors say Matthew Bui ("Franko the Clown") sought to "supplement his income" by advertising "sexually explicit" services. Clown Collared read more

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