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Newsom Wins in California Recall Effort

Posted on September 15, 2021

California Gov. Newsom crushes Republican-led recall effort

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Despite warnings the race would be close, California Gov. Gavin Newsom decisively defeated efforts to kick him out of office, a win the Democrat cast as an endorsement of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his party’s liberal values.

Newsom cruised to victory in the recall election Tuesday, boosted by healthy turnout among an overwhelmingly Democratic electorate, ensuring the nation’s most populous state will remain a laboratory for progressive policies.

With an estimated two-thirds of ballots counted, the “no” response to the question of whether to recall Newsom was ahead by a 30-point margin. That lead was built on votes cast by mail and in advance of Tuesday’s in-person balloting. While likely to shrink somewhat in the days ahead as votes cast at polling places are counted, Newsom’s lead couldn’t be overcome.

“‘No’ is not the only thing that was expressed tonight,” Newsom said. “I want to focus on what we said ‘yes’ to as a state: We said yes to science, we said yes to vaccines, we said yes to ending this pandemic.”

Republican talk radio host Larry Elder almost certainly would have replaced Newsom had the recall succeeded, an outcome that would have brought a polar opposite political worldview to Sacramento.


Gavin Newsom Survives California Recall Vote After Larry Elder Made Like Trump and Cried ‘Fraud’ Beforehand

GOOD. He did nothing wrong.

Trump Calls Allies to Demand Gen. Mark Milley Be ‘Arrested’ for ‘Treason’

In the afternoon hours on Tuesday, following reports that then-President Donald Trump’s top military adviser had formulated secret plans in case the commander in chief went “rogue” after the Jan. 6 riot, the ex-president picked up the phone and rang up several close associates and TV-prone political allies. According to two people familiar with the matter, the twice-impeached former president was sounding testy and had a simple request:

He wanted his prominent supporters to go on television and in public this week to declare that Gen. Mark Milley should be “arrested” for “treason.”

They followed his orders as various MAGAfaithful pundits and Trumpy candidates—including Ohio U.S Senate candidate Josh Mandel, Trump-aligned TPUSA frontman Charlie Kirk, and several former Trump officials—dutifully echoed the “treason” charge on social media. And by Tuesday evening, the twice-impeached former U.S. president was on a Newsmax show co-hosted by his former White House using the T-word.

I've had so many calls today saying that's treason,” Trump told Newsmax hosts Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith. Later in the evening, the former president released a written statement through his office, calling him “‘Dumbass’ General Mark Milley,” adding that if the reporting is accurate, “I assume he would be tried for TREASON in that he would have been dealing with his Chinese counterpart behind the President’s back and telling China that he would be giving them notification ‘of an attack.’”

Daily Beast
  1. Sean Spicer works for Newsmax? LOLOLOL
  2. “That's treason”. No, that's RICH, coming from a treasonous asshold like #TFG.

Speaking of crazy has-beens…

Florida woman pleads guilty to threatening to kill Vice President Harris

A Miami nurse has pleaded guilty for threatening to kill Vice President Kamala Harris, the Justice Department announced.

Niviane Petit Phelps, 39, pleaded guilty on Friday to a six-count indictment, including charges of threats against the vice president. Phelps is scheduled for sentencing on November 19. She faces up to five years in federal prison.

Phelps admitted during a plea hearing in district court in Florida that she sent her husband, who was in prison, a 30-second video of herself threatening to kill Harris in February.

Prosecutors said the videos show Phelps making threats and screaming curse words. She claimed that she had accepted $53,000 to carry out the “hit” against Harris within 50 days, the Justice Department said.

After sending these videos, Phelps sent a photograph of herself holding a firearm with a target sheet at a gun range. Two days later, Phelps applied for a concealed weapon permit, prosecutors said.

Phelps also admitted to telling law enforcement officers who handled this case that if they had not come to her house, she didn't know what would have happened, according to DOJ.

CNN has reached out to Phelps' defense attorney and Harris' office for comment.

  1. Florida woman
  2. Florida nurse

Wanna bet she doesn't believe in masks or vaccinations, either?

A lawyer was shot months after his wife and son were killed. Police say it was a $10M insurance fraud scheme.

The mystery surrounding the South Carolina legal dynasty at the heart of the unsolved double homicide of a mother and her son took another turn on Tuesday, when police revealed that Richard Alexander “Alex” Murdaugh, the surviving patriarch, allegedly hired a hit man to shoot him dead.

Police said Murdaugh confessed on Monday to “the scheme of having [a hit man] murder him for the purpose of his son collecting a life insurance policy.” Murdaugh had hoped that his surviving son, 25-year-old Buster, would receive $10 million after his death, according to an affidavit.

But the plan went awry, and Murdaugh survived. He called 911 after the bullet grazed his head on Sept. 4, telling police he had been changing a tire on the side of the road when an unknown gunman fired at him from a truck.


Fascinating. Lawyer's kid gets in deep shit. Then his mother and he get killed. Then dad lawyer thinks, “Hey, I have an idea!” and sets up a scheme to leave his remaining child survivor $10 million.


The government helped Tesla conquer electric cars. Now it’s helping Detroit, and Elon Musk isn’t happy.

SAN FRANCISCO — President Biden held a splashy event on the White House’s South Lawn last month to announce an ambitious goal: to make half of new passenger vehicle sales electric, plug-in hybrid or fuel-cell electric vehicles by 2030.

But a key player in the industry was nowhere to be seen. Elon Musk and the country’s leading electric-car manufacturer, Tesla, had been left out of the festivities.

For Tesla, it may have signaled the end of a long honeymoon period with the government, when the company was bolstered by federal tax incentives that drove growth and sales, emissions compliance credits that ushered in profitability and relatively hands-off oversight that allowed it to put new technology in the hands of customers without much fear of regulators stepping in.

The latest blow came this month. House Democrats unveiled a proposal to allow an extra $4,500 in consumer incentives to buy a new electric vehicle — provided it was union-made in the United States. Tesla is the only major American automaker whose production is not unionized.


WOMP WOMP. It couldn't have happened to a nicer douchebag.

Speaking of douchebags…

Hawley says he'll hold up State and Defense Department nominees unless Blinken and Austin resign

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said Tuesday that he will place a hold on “every single civilian nominee” for the State and Defense Departments unless Secretary Antony Blinken and Secretary Lloyd Austin resign from their posts, citing their roles in overseeing the US' chaotic exit from Afghanistan.

The Missouri Republican told CNN that his holds will apply to any civilian nominee at the deputy and secretary levels, as well as ambassadors.

The move would force Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to take time-consuming procedural steps required to advance many uncontroversial nominees. And with scant floor time, it could be enough to indefinitely delay any number of nominees who normally would be quickly confirmed by voice vote.

Speaking earlier Tuesday on the Senate floor, Hawley demanded President Joe Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, also resign, arguing that “the failure of these individuals, the failure of this administration, has cost Americans their lives and has left American civilians to the enemy.”

“There must be accountability and then there must be a new start,” he said.


That's just rich isn't it, coming from the Nazi fist thumping Trumper. I hope he rots in Gitmo.

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