April 2, 2021

Don’t Sleep on the Schoolbus

Remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom? Today's Sixpack is just like that.


Boys and girls: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, sleep on the schoolbus!

Don't Sleep on the Schoolbus

After careful review, it was actually fortunate that kid was bent forward in his seat. That deer could have struck him in the head had he been sitting upright. It could have killed him.


Gaetz gets gutted

The investigation into US Rep (R-FL) Matt Gaetz is heating up. Originally reported yesterday, the plot thickens. It's been discovered that he has paid women (for what, who knows WINK WINK) using apps like CashApp.

WASHINGTON — A Justice Department investigation into Representative Matt Gaetz and an indicted Florida politician is focusing on their involvement with multiple women who were recruited online for sex and received cash payments, according to people close to the investigation and text messages and payment receipts reviewed by The New York Times.


“They have the receipts!” LOL

Oh, and by the way, Gaetz showed nude photos of women he'd claimed to have slept with him to other members of Congress, sometimes on the House floor!

He's a punk, he's always been a punk, and in the next few days, the entirety of the GOP will have shunned him (except those two loons, Gym Jordan and Margie Greene).


How do you find common cause with people who think you are a secret Kenyan Muslim traitor?

I don't know, John Boehner. You tell me.

“In January 2011, as the new Republican House majority was settling in and I was getting adjusted to the Speakership, I was asked about the birth certificate business by Brian Williams of NBC News. My answer was simple: ‘The state of Hawaii has said that President Obama was born there. That’s good enough for me,' ” Boehner wrote in an essay adapted from his book that was published Friday by Politico Magazine. 

The Hill

I've said from Day One that Obama never had a chance. I'm glad he got the Affordable Care Act in at the beginning of his tenure. In his second term, the Republicans had dug in. And Obama had given up.


Cancel culture can be good!

President Biden is considering canceling up to $50,000 in student debt. He's asked the Secretary of Education (i.e., NOT Betsy DeVoss, who couldn't find her way out of a wet paper sack) if the president has the authority to do so.

I'm not sure he does. Or doesn't. But it's good on him that he's even giving the idea some priority.

My kids fear they'll never be able to get a good job because they won't be able to afford college (you get assuage their fear by “buying me a coffee” here).

Student debt can be crushing. I'd like to see it go. I'd like to see free college, too, but then again, I'd like free ice cream on the daily.


Alabama is only good at football

The state of Alabama ranks dead last in the number of vaccinations per 100,000 population, according to the CDC.

Mississippi is second to last.

The state has administered the fewest doses per 100,000 residents of any state in the nation. Alabama is followed closely by Mississippi, which has given 35.6 first or second doses for every 100 residents, compared to 34.6 in Alabama.


Color me surprised.


Documents Show Trump Officials Skirted Rules to Reward Politically Connected and Untested Firms With Huge Pandemic Contracts


The Trump administration, headed by nutjob nincompoop Peter Navarro, awarded millions and millions of dollars worth the deals to companies that probably didn't deserve the aforementioned free ice cream.

Here's just one example of dozens:

Peter Navarro, who served as Trump’s deputy assistant and trade adviser, essentially verbally awarded a $96 million deal for respirators to a company with White House connections. Later, officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency were pressured to sign the contract after the fact, according to correspondence obtained by congressional investigators.


More grifting from the griftiest grifters ever to grace the green acres of the White House.

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