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Stephen Moore has withdrawn from Fed consideration, Trump says

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Conservative economics pundit Stephen Moore has withdrawn his bid to be appointed to the Federal Reserve Board — within hours of boasting that he expected to be easily confirmed by the Senate — President Donald Trump said Thursday in a Twitter post.

Moore’s putative nomination for the central bank had faced intense criticism and scrutiny after Trump said he wanted him on the Federal Reserve board.

Moore, a 59-year-old visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation think tank, drew fire for his economic views, a messy divorce, a $75,000 IRS income tax lien and past statements that belittled women.

“This is kind of a victory lap for the left because they took me down with a smear campaign,” Moore said in an interview with Fox Business News on Thursday.

Source: Stephen Moore has withdrawn from Fed consideration, Trump says

Attorney General Bill Barr No-Shows House Judiciary

Trump sycophant Bill Barr
Lamar Alexander & Trump stooge, AG Bill Barr

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An empty chair for Attorney General William Barr sits in a committee room on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

Barr had informed the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that he would not testify.ADVERTISEMENT

A Justice Department spokeswoman said in a statement that the committee’s Democratic chairman placed “unprecedented and unnecessary” conditions on the hearing by arranging to have committee lawyers ask him questions. The DOJ argued that only members of Congress should be asking questions.

The chairman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), in turn accused Barr of “trying to blackmail the committee” to operate the way the administration wanted.

“The Committee will convene at 9:00 tomorrow morning, as planned,” Nadler said in a statement. “My colleagues will be present. I hope and expect that Attorney General Barr will be there as well.”

Source: House Judiciary Committee leaves empty chair for Barr after he refuses to testify | TheHill

Mueller’s Willing to Testify, but Trump DOJ Is Holding It Up: Dems

Robert Mueller
Former Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller

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House Democrats tell The Daily Beast they’ve been told Special Counsel Robert Mueller is willing to testify before them about his report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, but the Department of Justice has been unwilling to set a date for it to happen.
The impasse comes as lawmakers have grown increasingly frustrated over Attorney General Bill Barr’s handling of the release of the Mueller probe and as other Trump associates have declined to appear before congressional committees.

Source: Mueller’s Willing to Testify, but Trump DOJ Is Holding It Up: Dems