April 8, 2021

Alabama Amazon Workers Seek to Unionize

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Amazon workers can count on Alabama…or not?

Nearly 6,000 Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama are awaiting the preliminary results of a unionization vote, which could be released at any moment by the National Labor Relations Board.

Source: Axois

The vote occurred on Monday. It's now Thursday. Why does it take so long to count 6,000 votes? Here's why.

And you thought the 2020 presidential election vote count was complicated…amateurs.


California canyon road caught a Tiger by its tail

Tiger Woods was going 87 miles per hour when he crashed in the Palos Verdes Peninsula on February 23, 2021.

Woods was driving a borrowed Genesis SUV, which has some pretty interesting Big Brother diagnostics onboard. For instance, its recorder could tell how hard Tiger was mashing the gas pedal when he crashed: 99%.

Geez, Tiger. Calm down. The booty call was going to be there when you got there.


The grifting continues…

Yesterday, I reported here (based on an NYT investigation) that the Trump campaign bilked and duped its idiot donors of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Instead of admitting it was a dick move, Trump doubled down, as was expected. Now, if you uncheck the “charge my ass weekly until my bank closes my account” box, they literally said they'd have to tell Trump that you were a “DEFECTOR” and implied that you'd suffer the consequences.

The checkbox, if you remember, was pre-checked, meaning you were signing up, in most cases, for a weekly contribution.

Trump campaign doubles down on bilking contributors, calling them DEFECTORS if they uncheck the box.
You're a DEFECTOR if you uncheck the box.

Boy. I thought Trump was a wannabe mobster. He's gone full Tony Soprano.


Another mass shooting

ROCK HILL, S.C. (AP) — The gunman who killed five people including a prominent doctor in South Carolina was former NFL player Phillip Adams, who killed himself early Thursday, according to a source who was briefed on the investigation.


Adams killed five people, escaped to a nearby house, was found hours later, and then killed himself before police could take him into custody.

Just another day in America.


Is this the new TP shortage?

Ketchup packet prices have risen 13 percent since last January. Enterprising folk are selling 50 packets on eBay for $10.

I'm just glad I have my kitchen drawer stash. I'm RICH, just like John Kerry's wife.

My oldest, no joke, is calling himself Ketchup Jesus.


Things are looking up…if you're a cook or pilot

Yep, those are your two options if you want a job in the immediate post-COVID economy. Restaurants were hit hard by the pandemic, having to close down in-person dining for over a year now.

But Taco Bell, crème de la crème of fast food eateries, is on a hiring binge, trying to hire 5,000 people in one day.

United Airlines announced last week it would be hiring “hundreds” of pilots in the coming months to meet expected soaring demand in flight travel.

The manufacturing sector, in its best days since I graduated from high school, is also expected to hire thousands upon thousands of people before immediately replacing them with robots.

Good times.

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